Company Introduction

Beijing Besdo Mangement Consulting Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Besdo Consulting) was established in Beijing  in February of 2002 and specializes in human resources management services. Its core businesses include senior-level talent searches, management training, and human resources management consulting.  Besdo Consulting focuses on middle- and senior-level talent searches and was among the first group of human resources management service companies to receive a talent search permit certificate from the Beijing Municipal Personnel Bureau. Besdo Consulting has working relationships with Pro-HR in Shanghai and Resources Dynamics in Singapore.

Besdo Consulting has a professional team of senior consultants with many years of executive search industry experience. Over the  years, Besdo has accumulated a huge database of candidates and developed broad networks with potential candidates for mid- and top-level positions.  Besdo pursues a service philosophy of “integrity and continuous improvement”. It has been making consistent efforts to provide quality services to both clients and candidates for which it enjoys a good reputation within the executive search industry.

The industries that Besdo Consulting covers include  IT and Internet, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), and Manufacturing. It focuses on the executive positions of CEO, CFO, COO, CTO and VP for small- and medium-sized companies, and on the senior positions of managers and directors of large-sized organizations. The functions Besdo focuses on include Sales and Marketing, Corporate Affairs, Medical Operation, Human Resources, Office Administration, Legal and Finance, R&D, Procurement and Logistics, and Manufacturing.

Besdo Consulting provides services mainly to multinational companies, domestic medium- and large-sized companies, associations and government institutions. Since its establishment , Besdo has provided executive search services to nearly one hundred client companies and institutions for mid- and top-level positions. It has also provided human resource management consulting services to government institutions during their process of transformation from a government institution to a market enterprise. Besdo’s service has helped its clients accelerate the speed of such transformation. This professional service has been highly appreciated by the clients.

With the help of its professional team, and based on its core values, Besdo Consulting provides quality services to clients to help their development in China. As a result Besdo Consulting has earned the clients’ trust and is committed to building a bridge between the clients and talented, potential employees to promote the optimization of human resources.