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Besdo HR Club was initiated and is organized by Besdo Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (Besdo Consulting). Its 40 plus club members are all HR professionals with over 10 years of HR management experience. They come from multinational companies, joint ventures and domestic industry leading companies.

Besdo HR Club activities center around current HR issues. The special HR issues covered in 2009 related to HR management challenges during the world economic crisis and post economic crisis HR management key issues. The regular HR issues discussed during Besdo HR Club activities include corporate culture, organization development (OD), core competencies, compensation and benefits (C&B) development trends, performance management, assessment tools, executive coaching skills, how to become business partners, employment hot issues, etc.

Besdo HR Club activities are organized on a quarterly basis. Besdo Consulting invites 1 or 2 key speakers from international HR management firms or training firms to give presentations on a given HR topic and to facilitate discussions. During these activities the participants actively interact and share their experiences with each other. There are summaries for each activity provided under club activity summary tab for reference. Before deciding on an HR topic for club activities, participants are contacted for suggestions. The final decision of an HR topic is based on the ideas and suggestions of the majority of participants. Besdo then invites speakers according to these topic selections.

Over the last 2 years, Besdo HR Club activities have been held on Saturdays, starting at around 9:00 A.M. and finishing at around 3:00 P.M. with lunch provided. If you are an HR professional  with many years of HR management  experience and are interested in networking with your counterparts to learn from and share with each other HR management experiences, you are welcome to contact: xiaoming@besdo.com to join us.